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Note: LEA License & Salary Info Center access is limited to those individuals authorized by finance officers, site security officers, or personnel directors.

If you have not received this authorization and need access, please have your finance officer, site security officers, or personnel directors complete the Request for DPI Application Access form (click here) electronically and email it the Systems Accounting Section at systems_accounting@dpi.nc.gov. The form must be emailed by the person authorizing access. If you cannot access the form, or have questions about completing the form, please contact Systems Accounting at systems_accounting@dpi.nc.gov.

Effective Friday, September 23, 2016, DPI will begin using a new Lic/Sal Subscription Application that will require an NCID and password for each user. Everyone will need to subscribe through the new subscription app using their NCID and password in order to have access to Lic/Sal after September 23. Please see the URLs below for instructions.
New Subscription App for the LicSal System
New Subscription App for the LicSal System IHE
You will receive an email notification when your subscription has been approved. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for your subscription to be processed. Please limit the calls to the support desk to actual issues.

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